The ACT Score and ACT Score

ACT (American College Test) is an entrance examination at the national college that tests the knowledge and skills in four key areas:


The format of the exam is 215 multiple choice questions, divided into four separate tests, as well as a written test separate 30 minutes. Across the country, an average of more than 43% of high school graduates taking the ACT before they graduate. The Midwest and Rocky Mountain has the highest percentage of students that the ACT test. Almost all high school students in Michigan, Colorado and Illinois do the test before they graduate.

In Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Delaware and less than 20% of the graduate school on average take ACT ..

ACT average scores

ACT scores, grades and class rank are the main criteria of a college uses to determine whether a candidate will be accepted. The results of the test ACT 36 points, with a possible score range of 1 to 36. Almost 21.1 30% of insured ACT scores between 19 and 23 over 55% of all buyers ACT score between 17 and 25. Although technically a student can can score a 1 on the ACT, more than 99% of students gaining 12 or -above.

The ACT score varies from state to state. G
enerally the states with the results of the highest average law tests are Washington (23.1), Connecticut (23.3), Massachusetts (23.6) and New York (23.1).

Lowest scoring states were Florida (19.8), Washington DC (19.1) and Mississippi (18.9).

The minimum ACT score required for admission will be different for each school. Although there are exceptions, most public colleges require a 18.

Most schools in the Ivy League agree that candidates whose ACT scores are in the 90th percentile, which in most years is equivalent to a minimum score of 28.

Students Only 1 in 4000 get a 36.

Usually a score of over 34 place a student in the top percentile.

Because the ACT is scored

The ACT score is calculated using the average scores of all four test sections. All sections are scored on a scale of 1 to 36. If the score is not a whole number, ACT rounds the result to the nearest whole number. Like other standardized admissions tests, ACT has created a "Reference Preparation College" for each domain.

The reference value of preparedness is supposed to be an accurate predictor of whether a student is intellectually and academically ready for college. The minimum ACT university ready reference scores are 22 for math, 18 for English, 21 in reading and 24 for science. Surprisingly, ACT indicates that only 23% of all test takers in 2009 exceeded benchmarks in all categories.

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