The Best Advice SAT Prep Book Prepare For The SAT For Under $ 100!

Just look for these products on for prices given

Prep SAT can be divided into three phases:
1) Learning the material;
2) The material practice and identify weaknesses; and
3) O
vercome their weaknesses.

STEP ONE: learn the material

Complete Guide Gruber SAT 2011 to 13.59 $
In other words, this is one of the best books sitting there. It all classes for 5 practice tests for vocabulary builders to important advice on test sections.

Cracking the SAT, 2011 Edition - $ 12.86
The strength of this book is its detailed book tests 5 practical explanation (it is online). It also has big tests taking SAT strategies, as well as an informative approach to the SAT tests. There were some problems with the term set online access, so be sure to allow access to the site, so that you get the book.


SAT Practice Test Free - $ 0
After studying these SAT books, take this free test as a diagnostic test.
SimuGator: SAT Prep DVD edition (use with SAT practice tests) - $ 14.99
This is a SAT video simulation for students to use with your practice tests. It serves three purposes:

1) Monitoring of exams easily your tests by clicking game once,
2) Reduces test day anxiety, and
3) Increasing the concentration by way of option Fun which builds tolerance distractions that could reduce your score.
The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd Edition - $ 12.86
It includes 10 practical tests, 3 of which are very recent tests. This book also covers practical question to help strengthen weak points. What is really interesting in this book is the online component: You have access to explanations online response and reporting score free online.

Step Three: overcome weaknesses

Buy these books based on what your weaknesses are.

SAT reading book review Barron - $ 10.19

Despite Gruber Cracking the SAT and do a great job of teaching the principles of the SAT, we always recommend that students buy equipment that is exclusively dedicated to each particular section. This book addresses the critical reading section. It is great because it ranks issues in difficulty and detailed explanations. Slowly work through this book, make their way up to level C to be fully prepared for test day.

SAT Math Workbook Barron - $ 10.19

This is the mathematical version of his book Baron series. It has hundreds of math multiple choice questions and grid-in formats. A student ideally work through each issue by itself and then compare the steps to reserve official answers.

Kaplan SAT Score-Raising Dictionary - $ 9.95

You never know what words appear in the SAT test. This book is literally 1000 of the most frequently tested words. What's great is that this is not a book you sit and read directly (as Gruber or Barron).

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