The Best Dim Sum Destinations In South Florida

South Florida offers so much diversity in terms of dining options abound that their perimeters. Foodies have many reasons to love this region. And if you are one who loves dim sum - here are the best destinations to satisfy your inclination of oriental cuisine.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant

Proud of its set of dinner, dim sum, and exit menus, Tropical Chinese Restaurant in Miami is a true icon of Chinese cuisine. Using fresh and natural ingredients, prepared in your own kitchen, customers are assured that all meals served at their tables are reflecting the meticulous Chinese cuisine. Most of the advice given in this house dim sum mention satisfaction that customers get with their sumptuous servings. Among the must-tests are shrimp dumplings, Peking duck and wonton soup. Head Bird Road and take your shot one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miami.

Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant

Sunrise Avenue is another pride of Chinese cuisine. It is known as Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant, with roots going back to Hong Kong - the hometown of its owner chef Wong. Wanting to give America a taste of style small amount of Hong Kong - the restaurant was born. Today, its customers migrate your accountant or dinner or enjoy your favorite doses of dim sums freshly prepared. Let your taste buds celebrate with roast barbecue pork pastry, meat and pepper Ho Fun, Fun Chow and vaccations.

China Pavilion

If the daily traffic of feet is a sign of a great restaurant, then China Pavilion has succeeded with this element. South Florida is a talented area because it is where good food offered in restaurants where the flavors, ingredients and spices are treated not only as food materials.

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