The Best Formula SAT Essay

You only have 25 minutes to write an SAT test on a random topic, to have some kind of formula to follow is essential if you want to beat the competition and become a polite and efficient SAT test.

The proposed wording is random, but take it from a SAT tutor 12/2400 test ... there are parts of the SAT, you can prepare and create your best SAT test formula is one of the SAT preparation smartest you can do.


t is hard to think when you feel like you absolutely must be written, but the phase of reflection is a maximum of four minutes of the test formula SAT. Moreover, for his thesis, make the issue "black and white" and choose one side or the other.

Do not get fancy. Use a test number, paragraph 4 or 5 standard formula, depending on how you came to your inspiration. Provide an introduction, body and conclusion.

Intro: Tell us about the test and what your view is.

Body: Focus on an example by paragraph organization and include clear, specific circumstances that relate to your topic.

Conclusion: Wrap your tips and give your main point, but do not repeat, if it seems boring. Just attach things out properly.

his may sound like a lot, but you'll be thanking the test day. You can call my site prep SAT to get a ton of examples perfect SAT test evidence to use ... 30 now, and counting! Just check the links below at the bottom of this article.


​​is the art of ending a two-page essay in 25 minutes. The best SAT test formula includes plans to fill two pages of the document provided the test. That's why recommend a structure 4 or 5 paragraph. It is simple, which saves mental energy to prepare its case, and the familiar structure allows you to evaluate the best way to spend your time writing.

Independent studies have shown that one of the most important elements of high scores on the SAT test was excessive length. More testing, more it was to have a high score. As a professional SAT prep tutor, absolutely believe that this is true!

Use practice SAT tests trying to prepare for the real thing, and you do not forget the time!

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