The Facts On Himalayan Goji

The surprising Himalayas is a spectacular sight that relatively few Westerners have ever seen. This majestic range is home to some of the highest mountains on Earth. At the bottom of this chain of amazing mountains of Central Asia, Himalayan Goji Berry grows.

Throughout Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal, this simple little plant, and its fruit is revered for its medicinal properties. The goji berry was discovered by Buddhist monks in the Himalayas living in this region. Legend has it that the monks have found increasing unknown plant near the well of the village, and some of its windows had fallen into the water from his well. They drank the water for a while, when they realized that their overall health and longevity had improved. They attributed these improvements to goji berries that had fallen into his well.

Like many other healing alternative medicine, goji berries have accumulated dozens of diehard fans with a great many skeptics. However, the Himalayan goji is undergoing scientific studies on its medicinal properties, and its ability to heal.

Its undeniable that goji berries are beneficial in many ways. Studies are conducted on goji berries on cancer, tuberculosis, allergies, digestive problems, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, fertility and anti-aging. With the word spread constantly on the healing powers of goji berries, the requirements of consumers in non-Asian countries have pulled sky. In an attempt to cope with these demands some goji berry factory moved at high speed and they begin to mass produce the plant in several countries, mainly in particular America. When you get right down to the nuts and bolts of all, Himalayan goji berry is the real deal. Only in Tibet, there are 41 subspecies of this plant. The same is true of goji berries from the Himalayas. Himalayan goji variations have been found in Norway, Outer Patagonia and Arizona of all places in the world, but the true believers of this plant are turning their noses down to goji berries are not grown native plants.

The goji berry is Himalayan traditionally grown and harvested "wild" rather than "nursery". G
oji berry dedicated users believe that only goji berries have been grown in the mountains of their origin contain healing properties that made them so famous.

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