The Good, The Bad and The Bad Side Of IPod Touch WiFi

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that uses two types of network connection settings. With an ad hoc WiFi network, a connection can be made quickly without a point wireless router or access center. A wireless ad-hoc wireless mode is usually preferable to a free non-infrastructure wireless mode because it is easier to set up and start working. However, the ad-hoc wireless networks have the following problems:

1. Wi-Fi devices such as the iPod Touch, which are configured to operate with a wireless network in Ad-hoc mode is less secure and susceptible to network hackers. Devices configured ad-hoc WiFi can not disable the Service Set Identifier (SSID) broadcast over an infrastructure mode configuration and can therefore be easily identified by network hackers without your knowledge.

2. WiFi signals so Ad-hoc may be less powerful than those generated with the wireless infrastructure mode where only the overall strength can be configured to provide a greater range.

3. Standard Wi-Fi network for fashion ad-hoc communication only supports up to 11 Mbps of bandwidth that is slower than the configuration of infrastructure mode that can transfer data up to 54 Mbps. Slower bandwidths do not work too when viewing video clips.

4. WiFi access points do not seamlessly deploy network encryption protocols to secure a wireless network.
5. WiFi connections transmit data using the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum making it susceptible to interference from other devices such as Bluetooth devices, cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens and other wireless devices that share a similar wireless spectrum and are nearby. This type of interference can make a reliable wireless connection and iPod Touch unfortunate experience.

High definition and high quality audio streaming video does not play smoothly with an ad-hoc Wi-Fi due to the slower data transfer rate especially if more and more people have access and sharing the same wireless access point.

The good side of WiFi

The iPod Touch has Wi-Fi capability to enable you connection to connect to a wireless access point and share an Internet connection to a nearby local usually only 100 feet or 30 meters. Wireless point broadcasting a WiFi signal can be received by an iPod Touch and would need a password if it is protected and locked. Wi-Fi on the iPod Touch is fine for modest data needs and speeds such as news, weather services, web searches, etc.

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