The HD Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2 The Two Major Samsung Devices For 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the largest selling mobile phones in 2012 and Samsung looking to continue this success in 2012 with two cool. Let's take a look at the rumored Samsung Galaxy S2 HD and also the new Galaxy Nexus, a device that was unveiled at the end of 2011.

Although we have no official confirmation from Samsung, a major site of mobile telephony in the UK has recently introduced an ad for a new Galaxy S2 HD model. Although the launch in the UK of this model was not confirmed details of the model can be found in the Australian Samsung site. The screen size of this model increased to 4.6 inches by 4.3 inches and the same Super AMOLED technology is used to help produce great viewing angles with excellent color reproduction. The phone looks set to run on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread popular operating system and includes a high quality 8 mega pixel camera. Other major differences on this new model seem to be the inclusion of an NFC chip and a dual core processor 1.5Ghz improved which should ensure that the model is one of the fastest phones available.

Samsung will offer many lower specification models throughout the year, but it seems that the Galaxy S2 HD will be sitting next to the excellent Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the high end. It is difficult to tell the difference between these two models, although the Nexus promises to be the highlight of the range through the use of the new operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the first model to run out on this platform. Galaxy Nexus offers the same 4.6-inch screen size, which is capable of displaying a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The model is a little more pleasing to the eye than the S2 HD combines beautiful curves with an attractive black finish really makes the model stand out from your competitors.

While producing dozens of phones Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2 HD will be the first order of devices that are offered by the brand. The Galaxy Nexus called using the software that is available, while the next S2 HD includes some of the best materials available.

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