The Light Meal Salads For Summer

Light meals salads are a great idea for warm weather planning menus. Here are some of my favorite salad easy meals.

This recipe makes 3-4 servings.


cottage cheese - 1 (16 oz) container

Marinated artichoke hearts - chopped 1 cup

sun-dried tomatoes in oil - 1/4 cup chopped

cured black olives, pitted oil - 1/4 cup finely chopped

(You can use regular black olives, pitted, if you prefer)


- Simply place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Easy ideas salad meal:

    Layered Sandwich Wrap: Serve this cheese salad wrap layers. Then place the cottage cheese salad over greens. Then place the following items on top of the cheese salad; avocado, thinly sliced
​​strips of sections, deli ham, chicken or roast beef slices.

    Stuffed potatoes: make a quick salad using this creamy salad as a topping for baked potatoes.

    Topper folder: Another idea for a light salad meal is to serve this salad recipe for whole grain pasta cooked and refrigerated, as rotini, farfalle or macaroni. Here are four ingredient recipe to make a delicious light meal salad.


cooked crabmeat - 2 cups (flakes or fixed - broken into pieces)

dressing of your choice - 3 to 4 tablespoons (Italian, French or Caesar are good choices)

Marinated artichoke hearts - 1 jar (7.5 oz) (drained and chopped)

fresh cress - 2 cups (washed and chopped)


- Break the crab pieces and marinate in a bowl with the dressing for an hour.

- After an hour, add all other ingredients and mix seafood salad well coated.

Easy ideas salad meal:

Crab salad with grilled vegetables: Serve this quick recipe crab salad on top of lettuce with a side of grilled vegetables.

    Crab Stuffed Avocados: Another easy idea is to serve this delicious salad in a hollowed-out half an avocado and serve with toasted rye with melted cheese on top for a quick meal.

Crab salad layers: You can also serve the salad of crab layered salad layers in parfait glasses of peeled orange segments and layers alternating crab salad.

Try this simple chicken salad, which is filled with great depth of flavor created with chicken, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and more.


Chicken - 2 cups cooked, chilled and cubed

Garlic - 2 finely chopped teeth

sun-dried tomatoes in oil - 1/3 cup chopped (use oil for dressing)

broccoli - 1 1/2 cups diced (raw or steamed)

lemon juice - 1 tbsp

Note: If you do not like raw broccoli, you can cook slightly before adding to the salad.


- In a bowl, add the chicken, garlic, tomatoes, broccoli, lemon juice and oil tomatoes.
Easy meal salad:

    Chicken salad with Udon: Serve this easy chicken salad on udon noodles with slices of peach and cucumber on the side.

    Easy Garlic Chicken salad: Serve the chicken salad on a bed of leaves of spinach and grated cabbage with tomato bowl of whole grain crackers and cold soup.

    Chicken salad with Rolls: Another quick recipe light summer meal is to serve the lime garlic chicken salad rolls with whole grain or corn muffins.

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