The Main Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 Compared

If you are one of many people considering buying the popular smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S2, it may be worth waiting until its successor, the Galaxy S3 is released, an event that should take place in the next weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is well known for its touchscreen AMOLED capacitive touch-S which offers great display quality for all types of multimedia products. The screen offers wide viewing angles and excellent brightness even when viewed outside which is something that many other phones struggle to do well. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is likely to have a similar touch screen technology, but we can expect differences in resolution and perhaps the size of the screen. Samsung has the screen technology with the likes of the Galaxy Note and Nexus featuring the highest resolution of all currently available touchscreen smartphones, even hitting the retina display of the iPhone 4S. So if you plan to use the phone to use the media, so it would be worth the wait and get the new Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a dual-core 1.2GHz processor very capable which means it offers excellent hardware performance as the responsiveness of the touch screen, with software as its ability to run multiple applications simultaneously, without compromising performance. With the Galaxy S3 has been speculated that a quad-core processor will be included. The clock speed is still uncertain, but it is likely that it will be either 1.2 GHz or 1.5 GHz. So you can expect lightning fast response time of the touch screen, faster loading times and run application and multitasking more efficient and more benefits as the ability to display rich graphics which makes it ideal for watch movies or games on the phone.

The operating system

With the release of the new version of Android (v4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich), we can expect a very different interface of the Galaxy S3. There is a long list of features that make it an attractive platform with notable improvements, including the ability to unlock the phone using facial recognition in conjunction with the camera forward. The Galaxy S2 will support this program by updating, but it is not known how many features will be compatible. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular smartphones in 2011, and this is expected to continue well into 2012. If you are a technology enthusiast or prefer the latest smartphone technology, you may want to wait until the Galaxy S3 is released.

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