The Roots Of Lotus and Dim Sum In Shanghai Club Restaurant Chennai

What you see - Located on the ground floor of the prestigious Hotel Chola Sheraton in downtown Nungambakkam, located just across Stree and Kalpa Kalpa Druma, this Chinese restaurant is about 1,500 square feet. Brown and pale yellow wood upholstered chairs around the tables in terms striped sofas along the entire length of a wall.

From the entrance hall, a corridor of small shops and shop windows displaying the Chinese figures and miniature tea sets, lined with silk banners with Chinese motifs and framed Cheongsams Silk takes you to the place. I
vory walls, ceiling fans with four blades and carpet to mingle with Chinese gleaming white tablecloths and matching napkins silk that would not look out of place in a commercial detergent.

Appetizers like Deep Fried Lotus Roots in chili and honey sauce, fried beancurd (tofu or soy paneer) in Chashao Rs sauce cost. Hot n Numb Cameroon (Rs. 675), Crisp Fried Squid in onion and garlic sauce (Rs. 425), Chougqing Chilli chicken (Rs. 425), spare pork ribs with barbecue sauce and steak pork include some of your must-try propagation.

Main dishes include eggs and shrimp paste Fried Rice and Yangzhou fried rice in vegetarian variations and non-vegetarians. Dim Sum like shrimps and Su May carrots (Rs. 450) and the sliced ​​tenderloin with fried noodles try too. Dessert consists of honey noodles with ice cream (Rs. 275), Sesame ice cream with banana, date and coconut pancakes with ice cream and milk pancakes with ice cream.

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