The Sale Of Used Cisco Routers and Switches

There are some important tips to remember when selling used Cisco routers, switches and other network equipment.

Tip # 1: Do your homework! -

Having an accurate inventory of your Cisco equipment used is essential. Cisco routers and switches often have accessory slots and interface modules, WAN interface cards, etc .... get a complete inventory, noting the part number (and serial numbers if possible), Cisco router and switch chassis, and that accessory interfaces that are installed in the units.

Tip # 2 - Take photos! -

Take a picture of the inventory of your Cisco equipment used is useful in marketing. Most buyers like to see pictures so they can verify the models, accessories and cosmetic condition used Cisco equipment you sell.

Tip # 3 -

Test your equipment! Buyers will pay a premium for the Cisco equipment used is fully tested and guaranteed, unlike Cisco equipment that is offered "as is".

Tip # 4 - Beware of scammers -

Used Cisco equipment is particularly attractive to fraudsters. Because of its high relative value, portability and global market .... Cisco equipment is a potentially lucrative target for fraudsters. Dealing with a reputable buyer to mitigate any risk of scam artists taking advantage of you when you sell your Cisco equipment.

Tip # 5 - Keep track of serial numbers -

Another popular trick occurs when a dishonest buyer purchases a Cisco piece of equipment used to you, perhaps a router or switch and to receive .... Little do you know that the buyer intends to change the unit of work he / she bought with one unit of non-work he had in his possession already.
Tip # 6 - work with a professional! -

When working with a professional remarketing business, you can avoid most of the potential pitfalls of success to sell your used Cisco equipment.

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