Troubleshoot A Broken Computer

When the computers we are powerless. Sometimes the failure is due to a virus attack. However, other hardware failures can be the source of the problem. With new computers for some simple substitutions of hardware components that secure computers in trouble. Most of the time the faulty component is to replace the power supply, hard disk drive or a CD or DVD drive failed. This article helps you determine the source of the computer failure so that if the problem is simple, you can repair your computer. Alternatively, you know when to get professional help to fix your computer after the problem is identified.

When the power button is hit, the lights turn on your computer? Turn on both computers and laptops, there are lights that come when power is applied. A good idea is to take a photo from your computer when it is properly running so it helps to remember what it looks like, what the lights are on, and what color the lights are. Good computer power is often indicated by a green or blue light.
Orange light indicates a malfunction and indicate that the computer is powered somewhere.

External portable processors can be tested and replaced. The next test for a laptop and a desktop computer is to use a new adapter for external laptop or a new power supply as a test for the faulty power supply.

Desktop power supplies are available online and in local stores. They also cost about $ 100 A new power must not be installed on a computer, to test the power supply. Simply place the computer on its side with the open frame, place the new power supply on top of the old power supply, remove the old power supply with a connector at a time, and plug the connector equivalent to the power connector computer from a source at a time. Once the new power supply is turned on in an attempt to connect the computer. This power test.

The new power supply that provides more watts is good. This means that a supply of 300 W can be replaced by an electric power of 500 W is preferable not to reduce the voltage (substitute power 500 W with a power of 300 W), but OK to increase. Power connections for the floppy disk drives can easily bypass the power supply when the connector is not connected precisely correct. If the computer is not running, then turn off the source disk drive and try to power the offline disk drive. When connecting the power connectors make sure that the clip of the connector is properly aligned.

If the new processor does not set the energy of the laptop, you can return the laptop to the manufacturer for repair or buy a new laptop. If you buy a new laptop, the data can be deleted from the hard disk of the old laptop and moved to the hard disk new laptop. Power replacement on a computer is cleaner and easier to replace the spark plugs in a car.

Now let's return to our troubleshooting. The monitors have a lower right light. When the light is green, the computer sends a video signal to the monitor. If the light is large, then the computer is not sending a video signal to the monitor.

Main logic boards fail when they are five years or more, because of the capacitors failure MLB. The capacitors burst causing a complete failure of the MLB. When this occurs, the solution is to buy a new computer.

When a computer is powered up, it usually displays the BIOS configuration information before attempting to start Windows. This should flash briefly on the screen as the computer starts. When this occurs, it shows that the computer itself and the monitor function properly. After this display, Windows may start to a black or blue screen. In both cases, no Windows startup. This error indicates a hard drive has failed. This usually means that the computer works well, but the player has failed to provide information necessary for the computer to start Windows. the disk drive test command in Windows is CHKDSK / R When this command is run on Windows, it tests the reader corrects any data corruption in the disk drive, and determines if physical errors on the drive.

Physical Disk errors are indicated by a number greater than zero in bad results report testing sectors. The difficult part of replacing a hard drive is to copy all data from the old drive to the new drive. There are programs that allow you to create entire hard disk images, and then to a new hard drive. If an image is successfully created, then copy it to a new disk, the Windows computer often returns to normal operation as if nothing had happened.

In some cases, when Windows data is placed in a new disk drive, Windows has not yet begun. In this case, the installation of Windows from Windows XP to Windows or install a new copy of Windows to Windows 7 usually solves the problem. To install a new copy of Windows in both cases (Windows XP or Windows 7), while preserving the data on the disk is only necessary to remove the Windows folder of the drive where the new copy of Windows must be installed. This completes the basic solution of the procedure of PC hardware problems. When a computer is started on Windows and still have problems, then a software problem is likely. Software issues are usually resolved by reinstalling Windows or by removing the virus and use of Software-bit computers. A detailed procedure for the removal of viruses and spyware is covered in my book "Pete the Nerd Virus Removal Do It Yourself".

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