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When choosing a salad as an appetizer is selected, it is important to choose one that is nutritionally superior, fruit salad or a salad, as a supplement to the main meal. Everyone has the nutritional and functional benefits and these benefits often are cons-indicated. Usually salad is a top higher than the meal as a substitute for fried snacks such as potato skins with starches for and cholesterol, or soups with high levels of sodium. Both green salad and fruit salad were the benefits and concerns and for the consumer to correctly judge what is greater than the individual.

A fruit salad is a collection of selected fruit from citrus fruits, bananas, apples, pears, pineapple, grapes, cherries, and dairy products such as yogurt or ice cream sometimes. F
ruit salad contained good nutrition and can be pleasing to the palate, but the fruit salad also tend to be heavy on calories, including natural sugars found in fruit that are the size of a factor. A small fruit salad is nutritious and good for you, a great fruit salad is overloaded with calories and sugars and can be very painful for a diet plan.

Since the majority of the lettuce salad is the free base of calories and almost as low calorie vegetables such as cucumbers, and the rest is controlled by the user, it is easier to control the content and thus good nutrition salad . While the salad maker is aware of the need to mount a healthy salad and not a camouflaged lettuce hamburger or fried chicken bowl, a salad can be a nutritious meal or an effective input. Another advantage for the green salad is modular, the components can be arranged or rearranged to provide salad maker of nutritional benefits may be deemed necessary by assuming that the materials are available, and the total number of calories does not become excessive.

The fruit salad is a good choice when taken in small quantities because of fruits rich in calories, but can easily be exaggerated. The green salad is a good choice if fitted correctly so that the extra protein, fruits and vegetables do not overload the nutritional benefits of lettuce basic materials.

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