What Is WiFi?

What is Wi-Fi and how it works WiFi? WiFi - wireless fidelity refers to wireless networks using the 802.11 standard developed by the IEEE. Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi Alliance testing equipment from different Wi-Fi vendors and delivers certification. If the wireless Wi-Fi certified product there a guarantee that acts as 802.11.

WLAN - Wireless LAN or Wireless LAN is a local network based on wireless technology Now when you now what is Wi-Fi, allows to understand how WiFi ..

WLAN uses different IEEE standards for data transfer:

- 802.11a
- 802.11b
- 802.11g
- 802.11n

802.11a operates in the 5GHz frequency. Most wireless signals using the 2.4 GHz band, so it's not much more likely to decrease the intensity of the signal, because the interference with other signals operating at the same frequency. Speed ​​used by this standard is 54 Mbps and is almost five times higher than the standard rate of 802.11b.

802.11b operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and a maximum speed of 11 Mbps. The range in the indoor environment is about 35 meters (117 feet) and 100 meters (333 feet) from the outside environment.

802.11g operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, with a maximum speed of 54 Mbps. What is Wi-Fi 802.11n? It is still not standard, is change. This is one reason that works in the two bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Most providers use 2.4GHz. The 802.11n on work equipment is compatible with older standards. The rate is usually 150Mbps, but some wireless routers can operate even at 300 Mbps. The range is 6 times the father compared to 802.11g.

What is a WiFi device?

As already mentioned here, Wi-Fi uses the WLAN standard for connection between wireless access points or broadband wireless routers and wireless clients or computers with a wireless Internet card.

WLAN uses nine WLAN services for the transfer operations and package management. The Wi-Fi technology uses WLAN training and WLAN infrastructure.

ree wireless broadband router is a wireless access point that has routing capabilities and has a broadband connection. Broadband connection is provided by optical fiber, DSL, Ethernet or modem cable. Each wireless broadband router is a wireless access point (connects wireless devices, such as computers and PDA-s for a cable network) with broadband access and a router (a device that route packets between computer networks) simultaneously.

What is a Wi-Fi card? It connects the devices to the wireless LAN or Wi-Fi network. On the web, you can find alternative names WiFi card and a wireless card. wireless cards support one or more standards 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n Wi-Fi.

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