Why Do You Not Authentic and Traditional Chinese Food Cuisine?

Chinese food is the most popular choice of all ethnic culinary options. Chinese cuisine is very large; all regions of China has its own specialty dish making each dish unique and different from others. However, for the real authentic Chinese food, some basic principles must be followed to ensure that you eat is Chinese.

So what is the main dish in a traditional Chinese meal? Well, the answer is starch, unlike other Western countries, where the main course is meat. South China diet consists mainly of rice. Other dishes include boiled vegetables, fish and soup. Where in the Western countries soup is served as a starter, China soup or rice is served at the end of the meal.

When sitting for an authentic Chinese meal, chopsticks are always used in conjunction with an individual bowl of pasta or rice. Chinese tradition is to eat right next to the plate using your chopsticks - do not serve up a single serving. This is why Chinese food when served in small pieces, because it makes it easy to pick up the plate using chopsticks. Another tradition of a Chinese meal is to serve tea instead of soft drinks.

After the main course, traditional Chinese desserts are very simple. Normally, this is the fruit or fruit that has been enameled fresh natural sugar. Another dessert, and traditional Chinese folk is simple rice pudding. Chinese desserts are rich in flavor, as seen with other cuisines.

The next time you order your delivery takeaway Chinese food, why not be a little adventurous and choose dishes that are regional, for example spicy Sichuan chicken dishes or pork. You can find restaurants and takeaways takeaway London around the UK that offer pure Chinese food, tasty and authentic for delivery.

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