1-Day and 8 Day Cuckoo Clocks What Are The Differences?

Many different types of cuckoo work with different types of processes. In many cases, the owner of such a watch will be necessary to pull weights watch over a certain period. The watches, which operate under this form of care, are 1-day and 8-day cuckoo clocks. The way these types of cuckoo works is that the clock for counting the time function by using weights. These weights are the ones that are under the clock. These weights are in the form of trees and cones are made of heavy iron materials. A weight, move the over time, it will be will react according to the pressure that is generated by other weights which are below the clock. This affects in obtaining the clock support, to move properly and to operate a mechanical watch to obtain correct.

If the weights hung on the underside of the central clock, it means that the weights have to be pushed back up. While it is true that these watches do not require maintenance, these are regarded by many as a pure species of cuckoo clocks by dealing with the weights over time. This is because, unlike modern cuckoo clocks with quartz cells work one day and 8 day work with models watches and processes similar to those of the first species of cuckoo clocks.

For a grandfather clock have one day weights are drawn every 24 hours upwards. For an 8-day clock weights must be treated only once a week.

A difference is that in some of these watches can be found is, when the cuckoo clock music box from. To watch one day the music will start the clock plays at the top and bottom of the hour.

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