A Little History Of The Preferred Credit Card Capital One Platinum

Capital One was founded by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris in the main 1988. Capital One Financial Corp is in consumer cards, home loans, car loans, banks and savings products. The Capital One Platinum Preferred Card is an excellent choice for all consumers.

Capital One is one of the largest credit card companies in the market today. This card provider has many features that customers can take advantage of. The most attractive feature that Capital One Platinum Preferred business credit card has to offer is your introductory rate. The new owners will be happy to take advantage of 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers until 2010. This credit card is a great choice when transferring a balance from one card to another. Transfer your card balance antoher If you pay a higher interest rate. Someone with a balance of $ 10,000 being charged 18% will save $ 1,800 by transferring your balance in the preferred credit card Capital One Business Platinum. This credit card also offers an excellent rewards program. You can choose from different reward programs such as gas stations, construction materials and equipment, computers and electronics, office supplies and furniture, advertising and transportation. All other categories earn one point per dollar spent. Business owners can save money by using these types of awards. You can also use your Capital One plastic for miles traveled well. There is no annual fee will hold a Capital One Platinum Preferred business card wants. There is little $ 39, plus the limit rate you need more charge on your credit card. If you have less than $ 100 in late fees will be $ 15 if you have between $ 100 and US $ 249.99 your late fee will be $ 29. In the balance of $ 250 or more, you will pay a fee delay $ 39 as well. Capital One also offers great fresh money advance. Pay 3% interest on all cash advances using your company's credit card Capital One Platinum Preffered. Therefore, you must withdraw $ 1,000 in cash for an emergency, you only have to pay a fee of $ 30 Other card issuers charge a lot more about cash advance loans.

The company's credit card Preferred Capital One Platinum for established business owners with excellent credit. Capital One offers up to $ 20,000 line of credit for those who qualify. After the introductory period, the APR for balance transfers and purchases will be as low as 14.99%. Interest rates are determined by the applicants credit history and vary.

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