A Supercomputer Area For My Desk

Supercomputer Processing Power Of The Common Desktop Computers

News these days is the new series of supercomputers, which NVIDIA plans to release. According to what sources say, Tesla Supercomputers, a subdivision of NVIDIA is developing a series of supercomputers, which will not cost millions. This GPU-based supercomputer can for less than $ 10,000 and they have power incredible processing a teraflop (one flop = one floating operation per second) to buy! This is about 250 times the processing power of the common desktop computers.

Tesla uses NVIDIA CUDA technology, which can be programmed in C

Needless the advent of the computer to say that the way to change how we look at computing. Were significantly associated with processing times, this technology will allow us more time to build efficient machines so that the manufacturing and industrial processes around the world to improve. It will allow us to build machines that previously could not, due to lack of processing power. With the development of supercomputers, which are as effective cost specialists, technology all over the world expect robotics fields get a huge boost. The only difference is, they will now be able to integrate small subtleties that affect significantly the efficiency of such complex machinery. It is also very safe to assume that scientific research pushed through at a much higher speed, so many of the world's educational centers such as Harvard University is, has plans to install them in their own research facilities.

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