Are You Ready For The Consumerization Of IT and What Are The Benefits?

Studies have shown that staff organizations and students in schools are eager to explore the possibility to access your corporate desktop from your private device, both inside and outside the office, 24 / 7 through any network connection. This allows them to work with a device that they feel more comfortable and enjoy the flexibility enhancing the flexibility of the workforce.

It is therefore likely that organizations could retain key personnel, attract high flyers and improve productivity by allowing IT consumerization.

If organizations decide to enable consumerization of IT departments will need to work on how best to deliver the professional office managed a private device, keeping security policies.

We believe that the best method is to allow IT consumerization is the adoption of virtual desktops (VDI). In the operating system of the network of traditional computers and applications are connected to the unit which can be rigid and costly to support. By virtualizing the desktop, you can run in the data center and send only the display through the network. Therefore, as a private user device may perform the necessary client software, they can connect to your professional work environment. Most VDI solutions have software that can run on a multitude of devices, including smartphones, with the Citrix leader in the field. Citrix themselves a BYD (bring your own device) regime and many employees prefer to use iPads to access your Windows 7 Professional desktop. They are free to run applications that are installed on your device and receive a secure corporate desktop computer containing your job applications and access to data work. While particular device does not interfere with the professional working environment.

VDI can be configured to be very safe and, in many cases, security is an important factor for investment in VDI. You must provide your login credentials to connect and smart / chip card can be added if strong authentication is required. The display protocol is encrypted via SSL so no one can intercept traffic sent over public networks. Vitalize Consultancy specialize in providing Citrix VDI in a box solutions and providing excellent customer service. We offer regular seminars and webinars on how organizations can enjoy the benefits of VDI.

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