As Drones Are To Provide

There is a great buzz around technology companies drones for related delivery use. Some companies even claim that began to implement these services and test. Let us look at what the real prospects of using drones as delivery services are worth a look.

Prime Air:

Recently came to a display in the first-Air, Amazon Jeremy Clarkson. This display has a girl with a football match later that morning. The order is sent to the Amazon warehouse, from where the package is created in the drone. The drone start like a helicopter and fly to your destination.

If you are to your destination, a message is sent to inform the family that the package is nearby. Within thirty minutes, the pair of shoes will be delivered to the house and everyone is happy. Display content was quite surprising and promising.

The announcement stated categorically that the video was not stimulated by the drone flight, but real. So we know that the drones Amazon are to function correctly upward and able. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Amazon gave permission to start to test your robot.

Wing Project:

Another great technological giant factory delivery drone is Google X. Google X is a subsidiary of Google Inc. Alphabet X is a research unit and secret development half working on very interesting projects. The self-driving car is one of Google projects X.
The project responsible for the delivery drones with the wing project. It is similar to Amazon Prime Air, except that not land Google Drone. Hovering above the target, winds, the package down and takes once the package placed in the desired location. This project was announced in late August 2014 known Until that time, she had been working there for two years.

Medical applications:


Some students in Spain make a drone that will help move the organs from one place to another, without interrupting traffic. Successful finisher was Dronlife is an unmanned aircraft for the transport of organs and laboratory equipment are used. It was created by four young women, students at the School of Industrial Design in Spain were.

Dronlife not win the competition, but also attracted investors David Car Meana including the president of a business school in Spain, with some of his colleagues, who have launched a company to commercialize the product.
Another partner, Ricardo Blanco helps to improve the technology. It is currently in final stages of development and has attracted funding from private companies in India and is expected to begin flight tests in India. The agreement will see Zipline Inc. builds three doors with drones in the country.

Disaster Relief:

In addition to medical conditions improve, drones can also have an active and play an increasingly important role in disaster relief. To an earthquake or a flood can drones are used to transport food and medical supplies to the affected areas Drones are lighter than airplanes and helicopters, and thus to move quickly and affected areas would be able to. They will assess the situation, as well as to the situation.

Not only for natural disasters but drones can also come in handy as wars in man-made disasters. Judging by the current political scenario in the world, it is quite clear, is to continue the war and therefore the need for drones to relief efforts would become inevitable.


  • Rules: The main problem is the use of drones for deliveries Regulation may stand in the way. The FAA has yet to come a complete manual on the laws and regulations regarding drones and delivery services.
  • Weight: The second problem is the weight. Obviously could not carry large amount of packaging parasites. Amazon Prime Air weighs about 55 pounds, while the Google robot just 19 pounds. So they would carry weights less than its weight.


Drones are not allowed over 400 yards to fly. Then, in a city with tall skyscrapers or in forests with tall trees, drones would not be able to function efficiently.

Finally drones must be supplied with services a good idea. The vision that provide drones all within 30 minutes and used with the air space for trucks on the streets, is a very exciting idea. Several factors are considered and obstacles must be solved individually. This may not be possible unless all stakeholders work together.

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