Atomic In Supercomputing

The entire industry took when Intel announced its Atom line of CPUs Intel ATOM a new type of processor. It is small, consumes low power ultra. It offers all the features of a desktop x86 CPU. This means that it can run Windows and will work with a 945G chipset, DDR2 RAM. Atom is more fundamental than the core 2, with only a single core processor.

The Atom line has been developed for low-power applications. But if you think that it b'coz this CPU not in usual desktop motherboard fit for the purchase and installation in your desktop board, it's a sad news for you, it is available for suppliers to provide them with a mount compatible motherboard, the CPU is soldered on the board to the motherboard.

When ran a video playback test to test your skills Home Theater PC, ran smoothly, but the CPU usage was around 80 percent, so it was clear that it does not support full HD.

The specifications for the motherboard are reasonable - the integrated Intel can use GMA950 graphics chip to 8 MB of memory, RAM and FSB speed to 533 MHz, connectivity is via a 10-chip / 100 LAN on board the NSA is the number of available USB ports four.

With a 4W TDP not only saves the energy bill, but increases backup time when running on a UPS. While the atom 230 loses for each entry desktop package in the power, it is certainly in the power consumption stops unbeatable.

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