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Go to college and you find yourself in need of a student laptop? Laptops students tend to vary much cheaper to cool the quad core (known not so cheap). Find the best laptops for students are not always an easy task. One thing to consider what would be the laptop will be used for. A laptop for someone who frequents a kind of social studies will be mainly used for writing documents, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets. If the student attends classes that require work or graphic design, then you'll need a high-level laptop. If graphic design is then a laptop with more than one CPU core, about 3GB or RAM and a good dedicated graphics card will be required to make things work smoothly. A good start is a dual core processor with 2GB of RAM and some of the latest graphics cards from nVidia or ATI dedicated models. Some of the recent laptop models, even with two graphics cards in SLI configuration for ultimate graphics performance!

Before going to buy the student laptop, you really have to wonder what it will be used.

You do not want a bulky laptop is extremely heavy to carry from class to class. Its size should also be considered, since you really do not need a 21-inch laptop screen to get a paper done.

In addition, the size of the laptop must also be determined by the size of the student as well. If the student is a shorter statute, a small laptop would be recommended.

Baseball players or athletes could probably hold a laptop while 21-inch screen in your bags and do not even know the thing as an obstacle.

Since the college is also a great social experience, the looks of the laptops should also be considered. If you will study business or marketing, then you should go with classic black laptop model that goes with a suit.

If you study art or design, then the case of a laptop could have any color palette on it for all that matters. Choose something that goes with the type of person you are and the type of school they attend.

The problem most people are stuck in choosing a laptop of the student is the lack of variety of choices. For a store to carry more than a small selection of laptops, which should be a giant in the IT niche. This is where the Internet comes into play, since you can compare several mega-selling portable like Amazon and choose the perfect student laptop to suit their needs.

Before going to buy a laptop, you should consider some basic features for the best student laptop, you should buy:

CPU - Laptop Processor

Laptop processor can vary greatly in terms of speed, so you must choose carefully when deciding what you should go with it. A single core processor can handle tasks such as Web browsing; access e-mail, instant messaging, chat, film screenings and other low-power processing applications.
HDD portable hard-space computer

This is a difficult choice. Some people use the basic applications that start with the laptop and do not need to store anything else about it. You should start with a hard drive standard computer, 100GB, if you do not want to store a lot about it, and should go up to 500 GB if you plan to record manically everything you find on a daily basis.

RAM - RAM system for laptop

This, with the processor, is the most important aspect you should look for in a laptop. Think of it this way, more RAM you have, the more work the laptop, the more applications you can have open at one time and more work than you can in the shortest possible time. The less RAM you have ... well ... you have to understand how to adjust your system for optimal performance to go with a portable low RAM specification.

Optical drives

You want to use your laptop as a media player? Most students choose a laptop that comes with an optical drive - a standard DVD burner should be fine to start. But if you really have a big spending budget, then choose a laptop with a Blu-Ray burner.

Wireless connectivity

When choosing a student laptop, make sure you choose one with wireless connectivity. This is because you will not know what type of Internet connection, you face on a college campus, so a wireless connection assures that you have Internet access where there is no wired connectivity.

There are of course countless little things and the benefits you should look for in a student laptop. But keep in mind the essential characteristics when choosing the best student laptop and all the little improvements and benefits can come at a later time!

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