Big Game Hunter PS2 Cabela Measure Up To Expectations?

Big Game Hunter Cabela's first set of high-end hunting of today's consoles. For serious players, which mimic the hunters use decoys, scents and fields with traditional rod, the game will let you do just that.

That freedom certainly adds realism to an outdoor experience. The game can be played at three difficulty levels. Easy configuration will help you identify the animals from afar, marking them with a red dot.

The average adjustment removes the red dot, but the AI ​​is still the same animal. The hard setting increases the animal AI few slots, which requires you to take into account the direction and type of animals wind approach taken. Different types of environments and animals are recreated enough. H
unting areas following their appearance depending on the season.

If it's winter, snow can be seen covering the ground and trees and is spring, grass growth can be seen on the floor and on the slope. In general, Cabela Big Game Hunter for PlayStation 2 will captivate some players worldwide. May satisfy fans of hunting games and those who are actually in real life sport hunting.

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