Carolina Panthers 2009 Terribly Point

Who would have thought that the Carolina Panthers begin the football season in 2009 with a 0-2 record? The Carolina Panthers were a dangerous football team in 2008. Armed with one of the best wide receivers in the game (Steve Smith), a great quarterback (Jake Delhomme), and arguably the best running back in the Football in 2008 (DeAngelo Williams) Panthers were dangerous. Add a powerful defense to the mix that no team wanted to face, and Carolina had the makings of a team with legitimate Super Bowl potential.

Hopes were also high for the team entering the season of 2009. In week 1, the Carolina Panthers have been hampered by the Eagles in their own field. They lost that game by a score of 38-10. His defense was pathetic, and Jake Delhomme looked so terrible at the quarterback position.

Week 2 seemed a little better, but as they say, a loss is a loss. The team traveled to Atlanta for a showdown against the Falcons, and lost the match 28-20. Then they looked a little better than they did in week 1, Delhomme was even less effective than usual, and the team could not show the defensive area that showed the week and the week in 2008.

The Panthers travel to Dallas for a game Week 3 Monday Night Football.

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