Carolina Panthers Past and Present

He was in the area after 1993 is that the Carolina Panthers were an NFL expansion franchise. Thousands of people literally celebrated with the good news. The dream began way back in 1987, when Richardson met with others to discuss the feasibility of entering a multi-city competition for two NFL expansion franchise.

After a year of tedious planning, Hall of Fame Mike McCormack was hired as a consultant for the expansion effort. Because of the enormous efforts to try to Carolina franchise much support was received from then senators Jesse Helms and Ernest Hollings and Carroll Campbell and Jim Martin governors. Fans have also done their part, showing their support in exhibition games played in 1990 and 1991 respectively.

However, problems arose in 1992 regarding the continued expansion of the NFL labor situation and the vote was postponed until the fall of 1993. He served as good news, however, that in January of the same year, the league and its players have reached seven collective bargaining agreement. June of the same year, Richardson Sports revealed that he was ready to finance the 72,300 seat stadium. In early July, all the club seats and luxury boxes were sold. In October 1993, the owners of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL selected as NFL 29 Franchise and the first expansion team since 1976.

The Panthers played their inaugural game in the Hall of Fame annual AFC-NFC match in Ohio against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Both teams enjoyed the exhibition and found to be ready to compete in the NFL. Since then, the Panthers improved continuously and the NFC championship game in his second season.

In 2003, the Panthers won the NFC championship to earn a spot in the Super Bowl XXXVIII. At present, the Panthers have their hopes to knock Falcon hope for the division title. The Panthers are eyeing to win the title of NFC division, as well as any other team would do, but they have a great chance to get it because of the team they are. Improved defense and attack must be done to ensure that they will win the following games. Well, let's wait and see how things go for the Carolina Panthers.

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