Carolina Panthers Pound Its Way To The Playoffs

The Carolina Panthers can seem like a team that comes out of nowhere to suddenly look like a potential Super Bowl team, but it is hardly news for fans familiar with the team over the past two seasons. During the off season, fans of Panther that for the Panthers have a pretty good season for playoff tickets go on sale, they would have to make some significant changes, especially on the offensive line.

Head coach John Fox could hear the rumors about his work, and staff came out and stepped up their offensive line with draft picks and free agents, then brought the preferred range receiver Muhsin Muhammad, who had played for Chicago Bears for the last three seasons. To achieve this level of play, the Panthers would need to improve their passing attack, add a little more help in the running game and strengthen the defense. The Panthers have been a strong defensive team and when the defense falters, as it has over the past two years, the Panthers win chances suffer.

As the season progressed, the Panthers managed to get some wins that had to do battle, and they also had some great victories, but the inconsistency of his victories led many to believe that they are not a serious competitor for the playoffs.

The Panthers fought and hit the ball with the game running, evidence that not only are they a great team, but the strongest running attack in the NFL. Now, the Panthers are going to the playoffs, and fans are excited they can again have a chance to play in the biggest game of all, the Super Bowl.

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