Carolina Panthers Slump For Miserable In 2009

Carolina Panthers are coming off a good season all things considered in 08 'with a 13-3 record. Panthers playoff performance against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC divisional game, losing 33-13, was something he would like to forget, of course. Jake Delhomme played for 5 interceptions in a bad light.

The Panthers offense is one of the lowest rank in the NFL - with WR Steve Smith as one would assume it could not happen. The Panthers are insufficient long and time is not on your side to change things quickly. Competition in the NFC South is the attack of the Atlanta Falcons and the high-octane New Orleans Saints.

Recent years have shown that it is very difficult to repeat as winners distributed in the NFC South - 02 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers 03' 04 Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons 05 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers 06' New Orleans Saints 07 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers 08 'Carolina Panthers. Chances are good that the Carolina Panthers will not repeat as champions in the division.

Jake Delhomme took the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl and gave the Patriots all they could handle. Jake Delhomme is a solid quarterback who is struggling. The Panthers made his name running the ball 08 '- if they will have a successful year, the Panthers must run the ball again with the same authority.

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