China Leads The World In Supercomputing

A recent study has shown that China overtook the United States as the leading supercomputing world, the most powerful machines boast higher investments in new technologies and a growth rate unmatched in the total number of supercomputers and supercomputers per head.

The inauguration of the most impressive Chinese supercomputer to date, the mullet-1A, brought on a flood of press releases and computing required size of Chinese companies and government officials. Webhosting photos and news supercomputer flooded the Chinese Web since its launch earlier this month. The supercomputer is the result of years of development of more than 200 Chinese engineers and silent amounts of money from the Chinese government and the private sector. The United States, however, has left behind not quite, as the supercomputer still microchips exclusively American Intel is driven.

Who during China strongest computer equipment in the world like the rest of supercomputers in the world in Japan, Germany, France and Great Britain located built, it could not have happened without US parts. Despite the efforts of Chinese manufacturers to develop powerful personal computing devices, cloud computing software and generally acceptable domain name registration platform, the leading US players the staff are still responsible for more than 70 percent of computing, software and hosting markets.

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