CIGNA Health Insurance Company Of Arizona Review

CIGNA Insurance Company of Arizona Health is a solid choice for those looking for health insurance coverage available AZ. Perhaps not as well known as many other health care companies, CIGNA has been around since 1792, when the Company's North American Insurance (INA) was formed by a group of citizens Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company began offering health insurance at the Los Angeles HMO network acquisition in 1978. A year later, the company acquired HMO in Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas. In 1982, the company became known as CIGNA when INA and Connecticut General Insurance Corporation combined.

Today CIGNA has continued to grow in all states offer coverage, and the state of Arizona is no exception. CIGNA covers approximately 500,000 members in Arizona alone in maintaining your health Arizona network organization (HMO), preferred provider network organization (PPO) and its Health Savings Accounts AZ shots, not to mention the numbers they continue to grow. The largest coverage area in the state is Phoenix, where about 150,000 members are located and the company has over 20 offices in the metropolitan area of ​​the city.

Based on the state, the city of Phoenix, as it is the largest area member state, as previously reported, the company offers its advantages for residents of the following counties: Apache, Coconino, Gila, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal, Yavapai and Yuma. In addition to the above listed network plans that offer Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid services and plans (POS). While the company itself is not a large insurance company in the United States has continued to grow and experts predict it will continue to grow in 2008. Arizona, CIGNA offers only a plan that is good for the general person who is looking for a low cost well-developed and comprehensive coverage Health Plan Arizona. The plan itself is available for people who are 18 or older, families with children up to age 18 or 23 if the son / daughter is a full time student and children without adult subscriber which are at least 3 months. Service areas within Arizona are divided into two. The Phoenix service area includes the counties of Maricopa and the city of Apache Junction. On the other side of the service area Tucson and southern Arizona covers the counties of counties Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz.

The good thing about this plan is AZ CIGNA covers everything one can think of health care. For the primary care physician (PCP) from a member, must pay $ 25 unlimited visits throughout the calendar year. Other services that are covered by the plan for which a Member does not pay a single cent are laboratory tests and radiology and blood pressure.

The policy prescription coverage is divided into three levels, like many other insurance companies do. For generic drugs a person should expect to pay $ 15 for brand drugs should expect to pay $ 40 and particularly for drugs that are supposed to pay up to $ 60 dollars. E
mergency service fee is $ 150, however, there are special places in Arizona service areas that are sponsored by the company called CIGNA Medical Group Urgent Care, a member may move to avoid the emergency rate . In this group of emergency care facilities, a member will only pay $ 75.

Coverage of inpatient owns a franchise of the year of $ 1000 for an individual and $ 3,000 for the year pre deductible family. Other important things Plans offers include chiropractic services for $ 50 per visit (a limit of 12 visits per calendar year), maternity care that you do not have to pay anything for prenatal examinations and post partum but at the time of delivery, a co-insurance of 20% is applied. T
he interesting vision coverage to mention, you'll pay $ 30 for a review one year in a center of vision CIGNA. The plan also offers short-term rehabilitation, mental health services, addiction services and drug treatment services. Maximum Out-of-pocket for this plan is $ 3,000 for individuals and $ 10,000 for families and the provision of life is unlimited.

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