Citrix HDX SmartAccess In Plain English

HDX or experience the high-definition user is essential to the mobility of workers and Citrix virtualization products. The company aims to provide users with a better multimedia high-definition experience, voice, video and graphics.

Those who use Citrix remote working solutions is guaranteed that they will have the best experience no matter what device they use.

Mobility technologies of Citrix labor include:

    HDX Media Stream, which gives you the best multimedia experience.
    HDX RealTime, which allows you to transmit and receive voice and video in real time.
    HDX Broadcast, which optimizes the delivery of voice and video over a network.
    HDX Plug n play, which allows you to access easy and simple devices.
    RichGraphics HDX with RemoteFX, which gives you high performance and high quality graphics.
    HDX WAN Optimization optimizes bandwidth and performance.
    HDX Adaptive Orchestration, which maximizes the capabilities of their users point server, network and end.

But when it comes to Citrix remote working solutions, Citrix HDX SmartAccess nothing in mind.

With HDX SmartAccess, end users can access their applications and desktop anytime, anywhere, using any device, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and even kiosks. In addition, users need not remember a lot of passwords or go through many applications because of its unique authentication feature authentication.

How it works?

SmartAccess uses the Citrix Access Gateway product, which is offered as a physical or virtual appliance. Citrix Access Gateway allows employees to access your network securely through a SSL VPN tunnel.

IT staff can configure different options for access and security policies with Access Gateway. When an end user connects to the server or network, your device is scanned and SmartAccess ensures consistent security policies that are defined by it. Depending on how the device meets defined policies, it will be granted full or partial access. For example, if all is ok, the user is allowed access to applications and desktops that you want to access. If you use a device that is less certain, you will have limited access to reduce security risks. In short, SmartAccess can help you better manage your remote work solutions Citrix and Citrix Mobility workforce giving your users a better experience while helping your IT staff to maintain control.

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