Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway Features and Benefits

Citrix XenDesktop is considered a final solution for desktop virtualization. Modification of the office, optimizes the performance of applications, data and desktop for users. With this final solution, designers can update and modify applications and the desktop operating system from one place and deliver applications and desktops that are specially designed to meet the mobility needs of individuals, safety and performance.

Citrix XenDesktop Features

Additionally, this article is a description of various features of XenDesktop.

Exceptional support measures

It provides the ability for users to access their virtual desktops and sign up for the desired applications according to your needs from any thin client, tablet, Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet. This excellent support from any location increases flexibility, user mobility and business continuity.

High definition user experience

HDX technology allows users to enjoy the same HD user experience on local computers, even with 3D applications. Users really like to work with 3D graphics supported by a high quality sound.

Install applications and virtual desktops as required

IT can provide all types of virtual desktops and applications in its standard and simple form for users. The more devices are installed using a customized solution to meet the security requirements, flexibility and performance of users.

Both Windows, SaaS or Web application

Critix with XenDesktop, it becomes easier for companies to make the necessary applications and programs for their workforce, including SaaS applications, Web applications and application windows. Citrix Receiver integrates all in one interface so that users can access these applications at once, safely simply by connection.

Single Instance Management

Instead of facing problems in managing thousands of static machine images, IT can maintain a single copy of the top desktop images that create customized as needed by users.

Data security with advanced access controls

The presence of an integrated SSL VPN system with access control based on rules allowing users access to applications, desktops and valuable data from anywhere.
Only desired candidates have access to applications and virtual systems ensure the safety and security of data

Citrix XenDesktop proved to be very beneficial for the business organizations because it was an opportunity for the workforce to access important data on their mobile phones and devices you want.

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