Citrix XenApp Remote Desktop For Enterprise

In today's world, mobility and globalization comes hand in hand. One of the best remote desktop software is Citrix XenApp.

Citrix XenApp is a popular Citrix products extending the distance of the Microsoft users desktop session via the first HDX protocol. Which is advantageous for the remote desktop is that all the data is in a database that users can access from anywhere in the world and with all the devices that they have while they Citrix on devices.

The software can be used by the user using the receiving client software company. Citrix Receiver is composed of different versions that are compatible with different platforms such as Windows, Google Android, Apple and Blackberry. When users download the receiver, which woud be able to connect to the desktop via the HDX protocol and access the database.

Citrix XenApp editions

Citrix XenApp is available in several editions, one of which is fundamental. The basic version of this document-no-go, a better user experience through rich media interface and improved performance and support for storage devices. The edition comes with improved streaming applications, enables application delivery, including the optimization of memory, functions and facility manager as well as provide I.T With profile management.

Last but not least, there is the Platinum Edition. The edition comes with the version of the company's characteristics. What makes it different, however, is that it includes other additional features such as Smart Auditor, branch optimization, secure access to applications, a single connection and the ability to track performance.

For those who are interested in Remote Desktop software, they should consult Citrix or a Citrix Platinum accredited partners so they can be aware of the many advantages and disadvantages of the software and at the same time that your users trained to provide ease maximum use of the software.

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