Citrix XenApp Revolutionizes The Virtual Workplace

For businesses looking for a virtual office application management system that might want to try Citrix XenApp. Citrix XenApp is a platform that allows users to use the services in your office remotely in a safe environment. This allows employees to access data or information on your computer without being physically present in your office.
Citrix XenApp Environment

The application consists of three areas - multi-user operating system, software, and user devices. The multi-operating system uses the MS Windows server hosting the remote desktop session that allows users to connect to the data center individually or simultaneously with other users. Software, on the other hand, extends the remote service via the HDX protocol to allow users to connect with their devices. Last but not least, it is the user devices. The device (s) the user is using Citrix Receiver software that allows them to connect to the data center.

Types Citrix XenApp

At present, there are several Citrix XenApp available depending on business needs:

    Citrix XenApp Fundamentals
    Citrix XenApp Advanced
    XenApp Enterprise
    XenApp Platinum

Benefits of Citrix XenApp

One advantage of the application is that it reduces storage costs for the company. The application uses servers that can hold up to 200 users by sharing computer resources
unlike traditional virtual machines with a dedicated server that are used exclusively by small group of users. Another advantage is the application that simplifies image management by providing a centralized image for all users. The next advantage is that the desktop application allows customizing resources to meet the demands of users. In this, the hosted server can analyze the IT needs of the user (s) and allocate resources to most types of users and at the same time to reserve enough resources for a small group of users without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

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