Citrix Your Own Device How It Works

Bring your own device is probably a trend that will not soon disappear. Companies will learn to embrace the trend and ensure that your employees can use any device they want and still secure their data and information. If you plan to Citrix BYOD solutions, you can contact a Citrix Citrix consulting firm or experts to help you with the entire process.

Citrix has a set of solutions and a number of tools that can help you deliver desktops, applications and data to any device. Citrix specialists recommend the company BYOD tools because it is compatible with all devices on iOS Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, for laptops running on Linux and Windows for tablets and Android smartphones. Society tools BYOD also makes it easier to implement their BYOD policy and is very safe.

How Citrix BYOD work?

Ask a number of Citrix experts and they can tell you how to configure your BYOD solution using Citrix products. Citrix Receiver is a client software which is very easy to install and allows you to get your applications, desktops and documents on any device. For IT staff, Citrix Consulting professionals recommend because Citrix Receiver is intrinsically safe and offers a great experience for the end user without giving the staff more headaches.

· Virtualization on desktop and application. It controls everything and giving employees access to their applications and desktop on any device of their choice.

· Applications "to their business and data, more mobile. Citrix CloudGateway can help your business become more mobile, because it allows users to deliver Web, mobile applications and Windows, and data to any device used. Your employees can access their business applications wherever they are using a single connection.
· Sharing data safe and convenient. With Citrix ShareFile, your employees can share their files with almost all of them want. ShareFile allows your IT to specify the complete operating policies. They can also remotely wipe all data from any device if it is lost or stolen.

· Other tools. Citrix also offers other tools that make working remotely a breeze for your employees, regardless of the device they use. Podio enables easy collaboration with customers and colleagues while GoToMeeting allows them to initiate, participate in and hold meetings anywhere in the world. It also allows video conferencing and desktop sharing.

Citrix Consulting professionals recommend Citrix BYOD solutions because of ease of implementation and management thereof.

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