Comcast's XFINITY With Re-Branding?

Suddenly, a new competition is changing the environment for Comcast. They are a company that works hard to reinvent their relationship with the customer. So far it has not worked, so as a next step, they are re-branding of the company.

They hope to change the name and the brand that customers will forget the problems. The company will be called XFINITY. However, they are still not fixed the things that hurt the name Comcast. So think that the new name will not work as they wish.

Comcast and its relationship with the customer have been hit sour notes during many years. With the construction of competition, they tried to repair his image.

As the company tries to reinvent itself with its warm advertising, and improve customer service by adding more operators if you ask the customers, in general, the problem is still not fixed.

Because there has been little attention to the customer over the years, even though the company is completely reversed now, it will be several years before customers recognize the change. What happened with Sprint in the Sprint 1990 provides their service issues for customers, but benefited for several years when the client has finally caught up.

Comcast problem is that they say one thing and do another client.

A recent example is the transition to a digital network. Comcast now has two types of services. Is a digital network and a converter, and the other of which has a less expensive analog basic service.

Comcast suddenly began to force their customers the basic analog service to switch to its basic digital service. This small change of name does not give a good representation of customer problems being forced business with.

Region by region, Comcast transformed its digital network. Comcast marketing rule breaking is present. Otherwise, happy customers who choose to do nothing lose channels. Customers should be able to withdraw the changes and keep your existing service. Problems forcing customers to make this change so quickly are numerous. This goes against the rules of building relationships. A major problem for Comcast is the beat of your brand.
Dissatisfied customers remember.

First, there are no quick channel surfing. Change channels was instantaneous. Now, it takes a second or between the channels. A blow to the brand.

Customers must purchase these converters to work extra channels. So they have to pay Comcast for the box or TV, on a monthly basis. Many have chosen not to have digital because they have no place for or unwilling converters. This is a problem customers now have to deal with them. Another success of the brand.

Third, since they have to pay for these cases on a monthly basis, customers will get boxes for televisions attending often. Customers can no longer watch all channels. Customers are now at a disadvantage, with only a few channels. Another success of the brand.

Fourth are the long queues outside the shops with Comcast very upset customers waiting to rent converters so they can get back to where they were.
Stopped several times to talk with customers. The lines were so long, and lasted a few months and customers were very angry. Another success of the brand.

Fifth, the signal quality is. The guests had quality problems from time to time, but with this new digital network of these problems seem to be more and more sustainable. Another success of the brand.

The advantages of the digital system are additional channels and better picture quality, but to tell the truth of the image was before also. Many customers think that this change is not worth it, however, they are obliged to do so and incur additional costs, and have a service throughout your TV.

Compounding this change was forced on customers if they want to or not. Comcast has breached a fundamental rule of marketing. Do not force customers to switch. Let guests stay in charge. If you need to make a change, enter a transition period of a year or two, for customers to get a better idea.

Comcast would have looked like the kind of company that cares about the customer through the process. Comcast is shot in the foot with this movement. Now, however, there is increasing competition.

First, there is satellite TV. The local telephone company offering television. AT & T offers Uverse and Verizon FiOS offers an increasing number of places. The good news for the customer is the market moves to a place customer-oriented instead of oriented local company. This means that the customer can vote with their feet.

A reputable customer is key. Which is built from show respect for the client. Keep tearing injuries customers and do not give it a chance to heal.

That's where this new brand comes in. Comcast XFINITY hopes to breathe new life into your market of used names. Customers will quickly realize that the name is different, but the problems are the same. The value of the new brand will be lost.

The problem is they do not connect the dots and realize that what they do with your business to grow, as the impact of millions more customers.

They have not explained why they require the customer to deal with these problems. Comcast must understand that they need to engage the customer, and not give them orders. advice; solve problems, then change the brand.

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