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Interest in water powered cars and hybrid cars is bigger every year and there are many car manufacturers who wish to participate and create a hybrid car as they wish. 2009 Hyundai Sonata is another example of hybrid cars. The plans for this car was revealed four years ago when the first Sonata appeared and since then the design of the car remained unchanged.

he car is very luxurious and those who think that hybrid cars are not very well established, they are certainly wrong. In the first version of the car that many people are not very happy with the dull interior, automatic models 4-cylinder 4-speed and lack of an optional navigation system. The new version of this car will probably please everyone, because they have tried to create a hybrid car that would.

Hyundai always think about the future and this year they introduced hybrid car next year. The car was unveiled in Chicago and many people were impressed by it. The interior was designed by Veracruz, one of the best car interior designers at the time. The exterior of the car suffered minor modifications in the first version, including new headlights, grille and taillights.

In a hybrid car, its performance is very good. This car was one of the best hybrid cars created, but the technology is changing rapidly and we will see the best cars in the future.

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