Computer Vision Syndrome Why You Get Eyestrain and The Need For Computer Glasses

Computer eye strain is a health issue related complaints office in the United States, approximately 60 million Americans suffer from eye fatigue computer according to the American Optometric Association. Computer use at work and at home continues to grow exponentially. The use of computers is associated with a number of visual and physical symptoms experienced by 50% -90% of all computer users. So if you've experienced fatigue, headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, dry or irritated eyes, neck or back pain at the computer, it is possible that you only suffer some symptoms called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Solve the CVS symptoms require a visit to your eye doctor to determine if you need glasses while working on the computer, especially if computer use is two hours or more a day. The reason for computer-related vision problems is further explained with a simplified description of how the eye and brain processes visual information.

Working on a computer is visually more involved than other standard office work, such as reading documents. Human vision is not designed to look at a computer screen. His eyes sharp images require constant characters found in the ink and paper to process and concentrate comfortably. The eye of the focusing lens system is designated as housing. Computer images are made of little round dots called pixels. The eyes can not maintain a stable relaxed focus on the computer screen, even when you increase the number of pixels per square meter or more refresh rate of the computer. Bifocals are not useful in the computer. In fact, bifocal only increases the problem because the bifocal reading portion is designed for a distance less than a computer screen and a smaller viewing angle. Progressive lenses (bifocal glasses-free lines) have the same defects as computer-intermediate vision zone is in the lower half of the glass and the viewing area is limited.

Experienced employers are beginning to recognize that the work of increased production can be achieved with glasses designed for computer use. Consult your doctor of the eye that is ready to help you eliminate problems Computer Vision Syndrome with a dedicated pair of computer glasses. You can create a natural head and neck position with computer glasses or new glasses ergonomic clip playback on computer.

You can choose to have a dedicated pair of custom-made computer glasses or you may be wondering how to convert your existing pair of general purpose glasses that you use for distance and reading glasses on computer. Save your nagging eyestrain eyes and improve their ability to be productive at work as well. A pair of dedicated computer glasses or the new clip on the computer reading glass do much for you in all aspects of the job as well and get a better idea about the work because it will eliminate much of eye fatigue, lower back discomfort and neck pain you are experiencing.

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