Costco Job Application For Better Options and Career Benefits

Costco Wholesale Corporation, officially called the "Costco Wholesale" was founded by J. Sinegal and J. H. Brotman. The first store opened in Seattle, Washington, September 15, 1983 and known for selling brands and products of regional and national quality at a reduced price lower than normally sold by wholesalers or conventional retailers.

As of August 21, 2012, the accession of the chain running international club Costco was expanded to 639 places in the world, while in the United States and Puerto Rico, chain Costco warehouse is located in 439 sites 66 5 million gold stars, business leaders and members. Even the Chief Executive Magazine ranked Washington Costco the first 3 companies in the United States. The office in the company of the business house is located in Issaquah, Washington.


"Costco Wholesale" is also well known nationwide for massive career opportunities to job seekers. Currently, wholesale chain Costco in the United States employs 107,200 employees in full and part time as the company offers jobs from 292 to 160 staff in full and part time in the world.

The company offers a number of exciting jobs and career growth prospects for job seekers in the warehouse and shop, Depots, business delivery centers / business in limited locations, the home offices and regional call center and Costco. Applicants can submit online job application at Costco occasionally, part-time, full-time, casual and weekend positions and management. Career opportunities are available in Business Development & Marketing, HR, Transportation and logistics, finance and internal audit, customer service, payroll, information technology, legal and other.


Company also offers a variety of benefits to full-time hourly and part-time workers and employees. Part-time hourly employees are eligible to benefit after 180 days.

    Employees are eligible for benefit after one month of the date of hire.

Typical benefits to all levels of employees include health, pharmacy and vision program, 401 (k), short-term voluntary and long-term disability insurance, the purchase plan for employees and others.

The company also does not follow any policy of discrimination against employees based on race, religion, culture, beliefs, gender, age, nationality and political alignment, while recruitment / hiring, promotion, training and assignments.

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