Credit Cards Capital One Best Cards Review

For over two decades, Capital One has provided credit lines to millions of consumers. Originally created in 1988, the Virginia-based company specializing in credit cards and other financial services. And offers maps for consumers at all levels, fair credit to those who seek the benefits of platinum. Here's a look at three of the Capital One card offers.

Platinum Capital One Classic

This card is a solid choice if you are looking for platinum benefits. Some of the classic Capital One Platinum features include 24 hour roadside assistance and travel insurance. You also get extended warranties and other platinum services.

This card comes with a 0% APR It also provides customers with coverage of fraud, so if your card is lost or stolen, you will not be held responsible.
Rewards Capital One No Hassle Cash

As the name suggests, this Capital One card offers a rewards program easy to use. It is based on the idea of ​​offering consumers everyday the opportunity to earn some money. Simply take the average credit card.

This card pays 1% cash back on every dollar you spend. So if you won $ 100 cash back, you get an additional bonus of $ 25.

Capital One Standard Platinum for students

Students often need credit cards, which is built to help with the needs of colleges. The card offers 0% interest until February 2009, which means that students can use for school supplies and pay the balance before the interest rate sets.

The regular interest rate for this card is quite high, so that students will want to make every effort to pay off the balance each month. There is no annual fee, and there is no fee for balance transfers to the card.

In addition, students can shop in the Capital One Saving Zone online. If they make purchases with the card, they will save up to 40% discount on various items. This card also includes platinum benefits, such as vehicles and accident insurance. Customers can choose to have the custom card design to suit your personality.

These cards can be found online at various websites. To submit an online application, just follow the application process. By managing your credit wisely, you can enjoy Capital One credit cards.

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