Differences Between The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Post NKY

There are two local newspapers, the Cincinnati Enquirer and NYK Post, serving Greater Cincinnati and NKY which are owned and operated by the same company. Although most of the content covers the same information there are many differences with readers in both regions. Other possible announcements Northern Kentucky picture restoration or transfer pictures Northern Kentucky, there are many other important differences between the two roles. Some of these differences occur in the news, events, sports section and row.

New in the two documents in detail the events both at local and national level. While the role of Cincinnati addresses crime and news in the southwestern districts of Ohio, paper NKY focuses on all important matters that occur in your area. Both newspapers speak of the government of the city and they all issues facing the effects of taxpayers. E
vents of all jobs are specific to the areas of their readers live. Although Cincinnati and NKY are just a small side of the bridge, the events of the Enquirer can not include things that take place in Newport and Covington. A reader of these articles that are looking for local events should buy two newspapers return to their websites where all the specific events listed, no matter where they go. These differences list of events apply to fundraising, festivals, art exhibitions, concerts and other family activities.

Enquire and the Post both have a sports section that serves its readers well. The main difference between these two roles in this area is that the sporting events they choose to cover. Usually the Saturday paper fall will get a lot of press dedicated to football games in high school before Friday evening. The Enquirer will cover all new and dozens of old games, St. X and Moeller while Post covers schools in NKY. Finally, the Enquirer and post small sections have ads that are relevant to their neighborhoods. For example, the Post will highlight homes for sale, garage sales and people who provide services in the NKY area. All information and announcements in this section of the document should be of interest to most readers. This means that information must focus on what is geographically relevant to the reader.

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