Difficulty Carolina Panthers In 2009

The Carolina Panthers have not started the season 09 ', as they had hoped, no doubt. The second half Panthers season schedule is brutal - the New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets and Saints of New Orleans. While the Carolina Panthers were not as overwhelming favorites to win the NFC South, nobody expected them to play that bad and disorganized. When teams start this terrible, they will fight the rest of the season to catch up with the leaders of the division.

Then the Panthers turn their season around? The Panthers need to create more turnovers on defense and give Jake Delhomme more likely to use WR Steve Smith, from now on, Steve Smith is not even on the radar as one of the best receivers league passes. If the Panthers hope to compete in the division should improve the defense or otherwise quarterbacks Drew Brees and Matt Ryan will destroy the Panthers defense.

The Panthers both had great seasons or terrible times - look back on its history since 1995. Panthers fans expect the season 09 'will not be a disaster, but a season of redemption. Jake Delhomme can not continue throwing interceptions and put his team in a hole if they expect to win football games.

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