Diving In Curacao

If you are on the island in search of a home for sale in Curacao, and you are interested in diving, it may interest you to know that there are more than 60 dive sites on the island, it is indeed a paradise for divers.

There are some of the best dive sites in Curacao and experienced divers, there is much to see underwater, even the less experienced can also see the most spectacular coral reefs and marine life that is in clear waters in Curacao. The tug is one of very few islands shipwrecks in Curaçao it is a popular dive site is in front of the diving school and you can access the site to enter the water there and once you swam for 5 or 10 minutes there is a vertical wall not divers swim to the buoy that marks the tug, then dive to explore the area where there will be many tropical fish like snappers YellowTail and some large blue parrotfish. Divers feed the fish at that time and that makes them very docile fish, it is also more to see at this stage if the divers dive under the jetty as there are beautiful sponges and concrete piles. In the back room, there is a bar called Baya Beach Club for a drink after the dive.

Divers Leap is another site popular diving in Curacao, is a place with a steep wall for deep dives, there will still seahorse dive and also many beautiful corals see, there is a rock-shaped hat on cliff behind in one point was used as a point for the site by divers. It is advisable to go to that site when it is quiet at sea, it is very difficult to enter the site when the sea is rough. The dive site is located on the canal Barbara Beach is a relatively new dive site and is near the mouth of Spanish water, there is also a wide variety of tropical fish and walls skiing for about 75 feet with moderate currents.

Divers can go explore the plan that is under water and, if look closely can be a part of it, although he was under water for so long that it is now largely covered part coral over time, the debris was gradually dispersed about 10 meters to 30 meters.

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