Facts About Light Armored Wheeled Vehicle

In recent decades, the light armored vehicle on wheels, which is also known as LAV, was seen as a carrier vehicle for heavy armored vehicles. It became a permanent part of the military fleet in various parts of the world.

Modern LAVs can now be used for security reasons, hand-in-hand with the infantry attack and defense to work. These vehicles can be used to draw the enemy LAVs that can change the shape and outcome of the battle. In addition, these vehicles can be used as reserves to attack the critical moments with their mobility and firepower to swing the tide of battle. Modern LAVs have different capacities, so that they can make a great addition to almost any fleet.

Factors that led to more prominent role LAVs

Advances in suspension - this is one of the many reasons why these vehicles are assigned more important role in modern warfare. This technology has proven to be translated, such as improved ride quality, a comprehensive update of the life of the vehicle and better handling and stability in various advantages. These developments have allowed designers to produce LAVs that can run at higher speeds while reducing impact forces. The integration of sensors and computers has effectively complemented these advances in limbo. In turn, this allowed to wear LAVs higher loads and increase its off-road capabilities.

The developments in the fields of electronics and computer science - This is another important factor that led these vehicles play a vital role in modern warfare. All these important developments have improved and expanded the capabilities of armored vehicles, especially when it comes to vehicle control and monitoring.

The future of LAVs

Although modern LAVs become more difficult, the integration of new technologies has new game different functions in response to different types of threats enabled on the battlefield. The LAVs today bear an already loads and bigger guns.

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