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The Cuckoo

The first Black Forest cuckoo clock was designed by Franz Anton Ketterer in the small village near Schonwald Triberg, Germany, in the depths of the Black Forest and prepared. Ketterer managed the call of the cuckoo to reproduce through clever use of bellows generating two different sounds. In the following years, the watch industry has developed rapidly in the Black Forest. With his inventiveness, intelligence and skill, the people of the region the long winter months employed in the manufacture of cuckoo clocks with carved decorations rich hand of different woods. During the long winter months, the farms were snowed in and people had a lot of time to create finely crafted cuckoo clocks of many species with rich and diverse sculptures.

The first watches of the Black Forest, called "clocks with wooden beams" were built on a farm called Glashof around the year 1640th The watches were made entirely of wood, including movements. These unique watches have known during the early 18th century in watches as the "shield clock" developed, the painting by hand added, a minute hand and bells.

Worldwide, the cuckoo clock is a symbol of the Black Forest considered. Since the 18th century watchmakers in their region have specialized in the development of this type of clock. The cuckoo clock was the world thanks Bagatelles "carrier Clock" in the Black Forest known that literally carried on the back in backpacks watches. The first model of a cuckoo clock is a wooden clock painted. The cuckoo itself was found in a semi-circle behind a small door. In the mid-19th century there were two main visual of the cuckoo clock. The "framed clock", as the name suggests, had a strong wooden frame and painted a large internal area for the clock was fixed. The runner was located on the upper portion of the decorated surface and sometimes included in other decorative scenes. The oldest clock of this type had formed a wooden dial with numbers and white hands and weights pine cones. Vine leaves, the plants and animals of the forest, and hunting scenes are characteristic of the typical shape of the cuckoo clock. Dancing couples in traditional costumes automatically move to the music or the water wheel rotates on time, while a farmer cutting wood. Despite the fluctuations in demand in the marketplace, the production of cuckoo clock remained unbroken in the Black Forest today.

The Cuckoo

The cuckoo can be found in Africa, Asia and Northern Europe. Never build a nest, but to put their eggs in the nests of other birds that inadvertently increase the Cuckoo freshmen as their own.

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