Famous Curacao Liqueur Curacao Island

Although Curaçao is one of the best Caribbean vacation destinations, some people are more familiar with the orange-flavored liqueur that shares the name of the island. The popular liqueur, often seen in her bright blue variety and used in cocktails, is a product of climate and unique geography of Curaçao. Today the brand "Curacao of Curacao" produces only "authentic" Curacao liqueur in the world from its historic colonial factory just outside of Willemstad. The plant, housed within the Landhuis Chobolobo also opens its doors every week to all who hope to learn the fascinating history of the most famous export of the island.

Among the foods the colonizers attempted to grow in Curacao was the Valencia orange, a juicy variety that is still widely popular today. However, when the oranges were harvested, the Spaniards discovered that the soil of the island and the climate transformed the tangy fruit bitter inedible product. The orange crops were immediately abandoned, but the bitter variety continued to spread and grow throughout the island. Later in the colonial history, the people of Curacao came to realize that the unwanted peels of these bitter oranges - now known as laraha orange - gave off a pleasant scent, perfume and after sun drying. For many years, locals and European visitors experimented with the oil found in the dried orange peels in the sun, finally giving the liquor recipe of Curacao.

Using the dried bark of laraha and a secret recipe of spices, the main family created what is still known only as "authentic" Curacao liqueur in the world. While many varieties of the spirit are made worldwide, "Curacao" brand remains the only version produced in Curacao orange peel laraha local rather than synthetic ingredients. Due to the worldwide popularity of Curaçao liqueur, the island now has a number of dedicated laraha plantations, many of which supply their fruit directly on the label of "Curacao of Curacao."

The distillery "Curacao of Curacao" is located in one of the most attractive historic houses of the island Landhuis Chobolobo, located east of downtown Willemstad in the Salina area. "Curacao of Curacao" was made world famous liqueur in place since 1962. in addition to the famous blue Curacao liqueur (the liquor is naturally clear, but the distinctive colors are added after distillation), the plant also produces three additional colors of Curacao, as well as coffee, chocolate and rum flavored spirits with raisins.

During the factory tour, visitors can tour the historic building, learn about the distillation process and of course taste the products. The distillery "Curacao of Curacao" is open daily 08: 00-12: 00 and even 13: 00-17: 00. Many guided tours visit the factory and provide installation instructions, while exhibitions permanent allow self-guided tourists to explore the factory at your own pace.

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