Ganoderma Could Help Treat Cancer

By definition, Ganoderma is a "mushroom" green mycetes and dynamic reign plant, where short and tiny fungi that are unable to manufacture their own food like plants - through photosynthesis - develop. In the plant kingdom, Ganoderma Lucidum belongs to a higher class. Of all the many edible mushrooms in the kingdom, the Ganoderma mushroom stands out for its significant medicinal values.

Known as "the upper herb" Ganoderma is a rare variety of Mushroom credited with the highest medicinal qualities in ancient China and is also a subject of much research from various universities and organizations of modern times. Also known as "Linghzi" in China - which is considered a promising drug because of its medical effectiveness - and "Reishi" in Japan - the so-called "Herb of God", the global popularity of Ganoderma as a powerful medicinal herb continues to rise and is now mass produced to help combat one of the dreaded diseases of today - cancer.

Ganoderma works best in treating cancer because it helps cleanse the entire body of toxins, while enhancing immunity. It also helps in improving liver function, while stimulating the regeneration of liver cells - provide an important supplement for people who have liver cancer. Improve detoxification agents, anti-liver cancer, including Ganoderma germanium and polysaccharides. The polysaccharide fraction of Ganoderma is responsible for its anti-tumor efficacy.

Indications of use of Ganoderma in cancer include supplementation to reduce the side effects during radiation or chemotherapy to prolong survival, improve quality of life, and prevent the occurrence or recurrence. While Ganoderma is used as a supplement during chemotherapy or radiotherapy to reduce side effects such as loss of appetite, fatigue, hair loss and the risk of infection, but can also reduce the toxicity and the reduction of pain during particular sessions for cancer patients in the terminal phase. In addition to helping the immune and endocrine systems to prevent tumors, help improve circulation and eliminate harmful free radicals, Ganoderma other qualities that help in cancer treatment include the inhibition of DNA synthesis cancer cells, destroying the enzymatic activity tumor cells of the terminal and to limit the spread of cancer cells.

In addition, while Ganoderma has been recognized traditionally and scientifically as potentially useful in the treatment of cancer, there is still a remarkable difference can completely cure the big "C", due to the lack of clinical trials that have demonstrated their effectiveness. Despite these controversies, studies also suggest that although Ganoderma and its derivatives are not drugs and are not subject to clinical trials rigorous testing against the disease, there are indirect clinical evidence to further support its use in the cancer.

In addition to eliminating the accumulated toxins, Ganoderma and also protects the liver detoxifies, prevents and cures heart disease, while delaying the aging process.

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