Going Off The Beaten Path In Curacao

While the capital of Curacao - Willemstad - is home to a variety of attractions and activities, the shores of the interior and unspoiled island offer adventurous tourists the opportunity to experience some of the best natural destinations the Caribbean. Like most of the most unique attractions in Curacao are not easily accessible by bus or taxi, jeep and buggy rental services have sprung up to provide everyone access to the hardest to reach and a fun way to cruise around the island. Those who want to explore everything Curacao has to offer at your own pace can take advantage of rental services practices that offer pickup and accessible per diem, while tourists who enjoy experiencing destinations experienced guides sides find buggy many dunes and jeep tours that visit most neglected attractions of the island every day.

troller rental offer one of the best ways to travel Curacao and see some of the least explored places on the island. Although travelers can find rental cars and scooters in Curacao, buggies may offer the most exciting way to get around the island and explore destinations outside of Willemstad.

Those who want to experience Curacao with an experienced guide can enjoy buggy tours that visit most destinations top off island road. Many tourist shops and rental agencies offer half-day and full-day tours that include many side activities. Most tours available focus on specific areas of the island, as the coast is rocky or the southwestern coast beaches and relaxation area Willemstad. Every day in Curacao, main dune buggy groups guides on shore activities such as caving, diving trips in hidden coves and hiking in the mountains of the interior of Christoffel National Park and the spectacular coastal landscape of the park Shete Boka National. After experiencing some of the most unique natural landscapes of Curacao, buggy tours often visit some quiet beaches on the north shore and east of the island. Most buggy Curacao allow passengers aged over four, while drivers must be 18 years old and possess a valid driver's license.

dventurous travelers looking for a unique experience harder road can explore the natural areas of the island with the jeep rentals or as participants in daily jeep tours. Curacao is home to a number of rugged scenic roads that are best explored with 4x4 vehicle size. Traveling through a landscape dominated by cacti and divi-divi trees famous of the island, the tour participants or renting jeeps will be to experience a side of Curacao that few tourists have the opportunity to attend. Best jeep rental operators and security of comprehensive information sessions Curacao tourism offer and the daily collection of the hotel and landing.

If you are traveling in a large group or have special travel needs, the concierge can also make reservations for guided tours and extended rentals before arriving in Curacao.

If you're hoping to visit some of the best natural sites in the Caribbean, while in Curaçao, buggies and jeeps provide the most effective ways to explore the island.

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