GoTo My PC Factors To Consider

Goto My PC is a remote access software to PC provided by Citrix Online. He received much recognition from companies like CNET and NASDAQ high performance networking company. full GoTo my PC as a tool that can "change your life." There is a remote access software to PC award is not only fast but safe and easy to use. It really is a great tool for teleworkers, travelers and access to after office hours.

With these references in support of this software is considered the leading service in the control remote desktop. If you are not really tech savvy, but need access to documents of the house, mobile, or vice versa, you should consider a remote access service provided PC GoTo my PC.

GoTo My PC is a ...

anaged service.
    Install a remote access program on your computer. With a few clicks completes the GoTo setup my PC. You can access the devices you want through your desktop, laptop or notebook with a web browser and an Internet connection. It uses an encrypted 128-bit key for each unique connection. The access code is never transmitted or stored on Citrix Online servers. In short, PC to PC communication can not be cut.

Please consider the above factors before choosing the PC Remote Access software. Be 100% sure that your personal information and the integrity of your PC are safe when using Citrix GoTo my PC.

GoTo My PC Features:

    Automatic configuration - in minutes, the plug-in automatically starts, will be installed, configured and ready to go
    Universal Viewer - whatever the operating system (OS) you are using (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc ...), GoTo My PC will boot any operating system
    Encryption and maximum security - double passwords and user authentication, the connection from end to end Internet safer available on a PC remote access software
    Optimal performance - connect to your computer in seconds, fast extreme performance in the session
    True Color - see the desktop in a true 24-bit color, this means that the colors are more true to life, excellent for viewing images and examine the design work
    Remote Printing - able to print documents to a printer wherever they are
    Synchronization and file transfer - synchronize files and folders between your computer and the remote computer in one click; transfer computer files to the remote computer by sliding between screens
    Sound - customize audio settings, sounds can not be heard by you when you cut the auto PC remotely accesses
    Customers Invite - Invite a client to temporarily view and share control of PC
    Supports Multi-Monitor Support - Allow multiple monitors connected to a single computer
    PocketView ?? Wireless - Security Access PC from your Pocket PC

GoTo Awards and my PC (my PC Price sourced GoTo)

    CNET - "... fast, safe and easy to use." Choose revision C / NET editor -
    Laptop Magazine - "so rich in features and reliable ... among the fastest remote access solution and the easiest way around" - Laptop Magazine
    PC World - "100 Best Products of the Year"
    Fox News - "increases the number of hours in the day"

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