Guide To Buying A Laptop

A question that our customers want several times to know is what kind of laptop they should buy.

This loaded question!

First, we need to answer some very important questions:

1. This is a home laptop or notebook?

• Home laptops are for more targeted entertainment users. They are primarily designed with bright screens, have larger (but slower) hard drives, and have features such as Blu-Ray players. The performance is really only a consideration in more sophisticated machines aimed at video gamers. And since most laptops at home hardly ever leave the house, that it is a laptop is just a concern. Battery life is generally not as good and the cases tend to be cheap plastic that can not withstand the rigors of travel as well.

• M
obile business computers are designed with more robust designs. Think about it - if these laptops are designed for Fortune 1000 companies, these companies do not tolerate hard drives that fail after a year. These factors tend to make laptops business cost 10-15% more than laptops at home.

2. How long do you need the laptop to last before replacing it?

It is simple - the current trends show that most home users replace their laptops and desktops every 2 ½ to 3 years. It is an easy way for general home users to move their pictures and music on the new computer, and may have to reinstall some simple applications.

Although the data is transferred, a lot of times that the employee can not work, it costs the company more money. Once the laptop had better dang-well last for 4 years!

3. You travel a lot with the laptop?

• Trust me - if you travel a lot you do not want the "monstrosity weighs 17 to 11 pounds, and then add cables, laptop case and mouse and ....

• If you talk to any of your business friends who have to travel a lot for work, they tend to have smaller laptops with long battery life. 14 "inches is a pretty standard size for notebooks full featured, and you can even do it with 12 or 13" screens, but the price tag jumps much for those.

• Here is an interesting fact to consider - American Airlines, the way the seats are designed, the tray will accommodate 14 "or smaller screen easily with a 15-inch, the cover will be no place to open all the way and you. can not see your screen unless the laptop is practically resting on her belly.

Always buy 20-30% more energy than you need. Why? Technology changes around us so fast that the system requirements are constantly increasing. I
n 2001, when Windows XP first hit the market, Microsoft said that all she needed only 64 MB of RAM to run. After 9 years of betting updates, patches and fixes, it needs 512 megabytes to run, and 1 gigabyte to run well. Our software needs continue to grow, and is much cheaper today to plan the route.

• If you buy a laptop now gets $ 500 barely work, life will really be bad for three years when everything works to a crawl. For me, the point of purchase price is $ 750 (not including software such as Microsoft Office) for a good solid laptop with on-site warranty 1 year next business day.

. What type of warranty that comes with it?

• Always ask / research this type of guarantee, the laptop comes with. Many low-end laptops have guarantees email in 1 year. If something happens, you have the laptop box and send it to the repair shop. It can take 5-15 business days to get your laptop back.

• If you are a business user? Y
ou can live without your laptop for up to 5 days? Only buy laptops that are 1 year, the business day following the guarantees on the spot, and always see if you can upgrade to 3 or 4 years.
• For years, almost every laptop has wireless as a standard feature. If you are at the local cafĂ© or a hotel room, you will remain connected. Recently we have seen many users increase, especially professionals who need to be connected all the time. It could be for constant access to customers by email or use an application over the Internet. Always for your fix, you can always go to the AT & T / Verizon / Sprint and buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter and subscription connect via cell towers across the country. Or you can now buy the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity in the laptop so that it is easier for the user. There dongles!

. Was it the operating system for you?

Make sure that if you buy a notebook for business, you have Windows 7 Professional or Windows XP Professional so that it can connect to server.

. Do you really need a complete laptop? If not, consider a Netbook.

efer to the fact that most laptops perform roughly the equivalent of a desktop computer. Netbooks are smaller than laptops (8 or 10 "screens), has a low power (so the batteries last longer) and significantly lighter (some weigh 1 pound). However, there must be compensation at some point netbooks significantly slower than laptops performance. - in fact, netbooks are closer to par with laptops there 8-10 years they are really good to quickly check your e-mail a couple of websites, may make modifications files Microsoft Word or Excel .. Several customers have reported headaches in search of the tiny screen for long periods of time.

Make sure you have a Blu-Ray player and a HD screen. Anything less and the computer must dumb-down the image to fit the screen?

You want to connect your phone or a wireless headset? If Bluetooth built into the system. It is also good for the user with a travel mouse or keyboard.

Watch the backlit keys.

The best systems have VGA and HDMI.

Watch the video ATI or Nvidia chipset in the list of resources. Both companies specialize in high-end video subsystems and will really make Windows 7, movies and amazing games

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