Hostel Bekuo Is Still San Jose Top Hostel

In 2005 Hostel Bekuo opened and became, according to the Lonely Planet and many other guidebooks, "the most beautiful hostel in Costa Rica." Today, unlike many hostels in San Jose, Bekuo improves dramatically and reinvest in their businesses, making it easier to see why they are still the highest rated hostel in San Jose according to, and a number of other hosteling sites.

My last visit to Bekuo, the latest updates to the hostel was easily noticeable; a new "flat screen in the living room, a new Wii for the old 42" 50 flat screen TV, table foosball, amazing lights and a good amount of new art created by clients and employees past. For example, employees actually live in the hostel, and they get up every morning to have breakfast for guests. Not a bit of milk and cereals, a very robust breakfast pancakes, fresh fruit, toast and jam, coffee and tea. At night, when things are winding for the night, the lights are off in favor of candles throughout the house. The owners say this helps reduce electricity costs, and discourages people from being loud at night.

Bekuo has also been upgrading their mattresses as of late. The private rooms in my experience, have always had great beds, and now the dormitories get mattresses and blankets to match high quality. When ask the owners how they can afford to make all these improvements while charging only $ 12 per night for a dorm bed, they stress that the hostel is not their only income (Ramon is a veterinarian and the storm did design work), so they do not need the income from the hostel to survive. The owners even asked Hosteling International (HI) to remove Hostel Bekuo from their web page. HI is one of the largest organizations of hostels worldwide and sent reservations to Bekuo, but according to Ramon and Storm, they are sending the kind of backpackers looking, and become really hard to keep a cool / relaxed the hostel with these customers.

It took years for other hostels to start opening in San Jose. Other hostels that have opened in recent years as Casa Yoses, Kabata, Tuanis, Tranquillo and a few more, actually fell in the area of ​​quality.

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